Beatriz and Juan’s Wedding

It was a great privilege to photograph Beatriz and Juan’s ranch-style wedding. The day started off with a traditional Episcopal church ceremony. During the ceremony, the couple was intertwined with the most beautiful lasso I’ve ever seen! The lasso, or “el lazo”, had gorgeous beading and a beautiful cross, resembling a very long rosary.

The reception was held outdoors at a private ranch. The horses were very friendly and quiet in their stables. It seemed like the music and the amount of people visiting did not bother them one bit.

The couples’ entrance was the grandest of them all. As they made their appearance, a full Mexican band followed them. After dinner, various Mexican traditions were presented during the reception, including the “Money Dance”, where guests has to “pay” to dance with the bride and groom. Prior to dancing, guests pin cash on the bride and groom’s clothes.

Another tradition was the “La Vibora de la Mar” (“the Sea Snake) dance that happens during the bouquet and garter toss. It is like a combination of London Bridges and Ring-a-Round-a-Rosey. There are different variations to this tradition, but in this reception, the bride was standing on a chair and is supported by her new husband. On the other side, a family member created a bridge with the bride’s veil while it’s still attached to her head. While the newlyweds are standing in this position, all single women hoping to catch the bouquet runs around the dance floor and then around the tables, making sure they duck underneath the veil along the way. When the music stopped, the women formed behind the newlyweds, preparing for the traditional and familiar bouquet toss.

It was the single men’s turn to do the dance, but this time, the groom was standing on the chair, supported by his new wife. After the music stopped playing, the men formed behind the newlyweds, preparing for the traditional and familiar garter toss. This was followed by another dance with the newlyweds and the lucky man and woman who caught the garter and bouquet.