A Multicultural Wedding

What a fun wedding!

When you photograph a wedding where two different cultures are represented, you learn many new things. For instance, it was this wedding that showed me that henna is also part of Iraqi culture as well.

Before I left the reception, as my time was up, I took a couple pieces of yummy baklava home. I thought baklava was only Greek or Mediterrean, so this wedding showed me I was wrong!

Being familiar with Belizean culture because of my in-laws, I knew how they partied and danced. Apparently Hondurans party in a similar way!

This was also my first time photographing a Chaldean Catholic wedding. Being Catholic myself, I’m very familiar with Catholic weddings. However, Chaldean Catholic weddings added other traditions and the priest mostly spoke Arabic. Thankfully, in this ceremony, both Arabic and English was spoken.